We Have Openings For New Midday Dog Walking Clients!

Exciting news! After our very busy summer season, we now have openings in our schedule for new midday dog walking clients! Are you searching for your dog’s new best friend while you are hard at work? A Mary’s Pet Squad Dog Walker is ready to give your dog all the love and exercise they require! We have openings for service in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Upper Northwest Washington D.C. Get in touch today to set up your first service and meeting! We can’t wait to bring your pet into our squad!

Welcome to the squad, Jazz & Rudy! It’s Double Golden Doodle Time!

Welcome to the squad, Jazz & Rudy! It’s Double Golden Doodle Time!

Now Hiring!

Mary's Pet Squad is excited to announce that we are looking for full-time and part-time Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers! Please see the new "Become A Pet Sitter" contact form on our website for more information. We look forward to meeting the new members of Mary's Pet Squad!


Holidays Are Here- Book Your Pet Care Today!

Happy holiday season! Things are getting cheery and bright here at Mary's Pet Squad. Besides all the festivities and holiday decorations, I'm so excited to meet new pets! The busy travel season brings many new faces and furry friends. Let us keep your pets warm, fed and loved while you travel, so you can focus instead on enjoying these special moments with family & friends. All pets are family and I will care for them as such! No matter whether your pet is independent or craves affection, I will make sure they don't feel lonely while you're away from home for the holidays. And, of course I'll send you adorable pictures after our visits- We all miss our pet babies! 

Book a reservation for your pet today! Booking early gives you the benefit of locking in a timeframe for your pet's visits. Happy Holidays! 


Hot Weather Is Here And Your Pup Needs A Little Extra TLC!

Golden Retriever

It has been a very busy week at Mary's Pet Squad and I am so thankful! Besides being on the go with my busiest dog walking schedule yet, I have met some amazingly kind clients and their adorable pets! And the cherry on top of this week has been the wonderful weather. I personally love the hot heat, but it can be a bit intense for dogs on walks. I have been making sure to stick to the shady or grassy part of my clients' neighborhoods, as well as walking at a leisurely pace. This way, the dog doesn't overheat or step onto the piping hot ground. I'm also reducing walk length if I see the dog slowing down and panting heavily. Sometimes a short walk followed by an indoor play session is exactly what your dog needs (check me out above snuggling Bella after our walk today)! I always tailor your dog's walk to exactly what they need- If you watch them closely, they will tell you :). Finally, I always make sure their water bowl is full of cool water before I leave. Dogs get extra thirsty on hot days- just like us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to get back at it next week! I get to have a visit from my Sam Pig and Duke this weekend :). 

Refer A Friend, Get A Free Walk!

Dear Clients: The Referral Program is here! I would be honored and grateful if you referred Mary's Pet Squad to family, friends and neighbors that are in need of pet care services. In return, I will happily give you one Dog Walk free on your next invoice*! So please go on and tell your mothers, brothers, sisters and your friends about Mary's Pet Squad- I can't wait to meet them! Also, don't forget to Like our Facebook Page and leave a review!

*Discount will be applied to invoice of the existing Mary's Pet Squad client after new referred client submits payment for their first service request. 

Golden Retriever