Hiring All Summertime Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters!

Mary’s Pet Squad is looking for enthusiastic Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters who are available to take on clients this summer season, May through August. Sitters make an average of $15-23/hour depending on services worked. Spend your summer days loving and caring for furry friends while making good money (check out our Instagram for all the amazing pets you could spend time with)!

Candidates should be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Pet sitting & dog walking experience

  • Customer service experience

  • Detail oriented

  • Have a reliable and insured vehicle

  • A smartphone for real-time communication with clients using our Time To Pet software

  • Available Monday-Friday during daytime hours

  • Periodic availability in the evenings Sunday-Saturday for Overnight Vacation Services would be ideal but not mandatory

Dog walks are 15, 30 or 45 minutes in length. Most walks are 1 dog at a time but can be up to 2 dogs. Pet Sitters spend 30 minutes per visit with pets such as cats, rabbits, or reptiles performing care services such as feeding, playtime and litter cleanup.

To apply, please fill out the “Become A Pet Sitter” form on our website, https://www.maryspetsquad.com/. We look forward to working with you this summer!

We Have Openings For New Midday Dog Walking Clients!

Exciting news! After our very busy summer season, we now have openings in our schedule for new midday dog walking clients! Are you searching for your dog’s new best friend while you are hard at work? A Mary’s Pet Squad Dog Walker is ready to give your dog all the love and exercise they require! We have openings for service in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Upper Northwest Washington D.C. Get in touch today to set up your first service and meeting! We can’t wait to bring your pet into our squad!

Welcome to the squad, Jazz & Rudy! It’s Double Golden Doodle Time!

Welcome to the squad, Jazz & Rudy! It’s Double Golden Doodle Time!

More Than A Dog Walker

At Mary's Pet Squad, I take immense pride in providing Bethesda and The Greater Washington D.C. region with top notch quality pet care AND customer service. There is so much that goes into providing you the best service, although I bet you might think it's easy as leashing up a pup and going for a walk! I would love to give a little more insight into what makes Mary's Pet Squad one of the best professional pet care companies and how we are set apart from pet sitters and dog walkers who just help for fun in their spare time:

  • We cover all of our clients and pets with personalized Pet Care Insurance. This plan covers your pet and your home while they are under our care, should any accidents occur.
  • We work 24/7/365! This includes holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years Day, and more! We're also available to discuss your service needs most of the day. Sometimes we can't pick up the phone when we're walking dogs or getting a few winks overnight, but you can expect prompt responses every day to all your questions! 
  • I LOVE taking great photos of your pets (check out our Instagram Page for some pics) and sending them to you during the day. We all miss our little buddies and furry family members when we're separated; I'll send you pictures that you'll be sharing with family or co-workers, ooh-ing and aww-ing over how cute your pets are :). 
  • We are proud to offer all clients their own personalized portal on Time To Pet! You can request a service 24/7, update your personal contact information, update your pet's care & routine information, ask questions and view your invoices! You'll never have to worry about picking up the phone and calling the office; Your messages reach us instantly and we'll respond A.S.A.P.
  • Your packages! I bring them in so you don't have to worry about any porch thieves stealing your goodies!
  • I get to know your pets very, very closely. I will communicate to you such things as whether your pet's behavior is off, if their walk is different, if their bathroom behavior has changed or looks problematic, if they had an accident in the house, etc. With pets, the smallest change in their behavior can be very important and I want you to know at the earliest opportunity! 
  • I will leave your home just as you left it, or better. I believe that you should come home to a clean & secure home; You'll never find stinky litter left in your trash can, dishes in your sink, doors unlocked, or any pet messes that I can clean up. We are a professional service and you deserve professional level care! 
  • And there's so much more! 

As you can see, there's SO MUCH more that goes into pet care than you might have ever thought! This is my life and full-time chosen profession. My mission is to provide every client with top notch customer care, reliability and professionalism. And why would you ask for anything less when you need to leave two of the most important things in your life, your home and your pets? Contact me today to give you and your pet a new best friend :).





Space Etiquette For Dogs


Spring is here and that means there are tons of people and pups outside enjoying these sunny days in Bethesda! I would like to use this graphic as an opportunity and reminder to please be respectful of your neighbors and please keep all dogs leashed in public areas. It can be dangerous for a strange dog to run up to a leashed dog- what would you do if a strange person ran up to you? Dogs can have a multitude of reactions in any given situation, so it is better to be safe and ask in advance if your dog can mingle before you get too close. Let's look forward to enjoying the outdoors in a peaceful way for all dogs and people :). 

Pet Tech® CPR & First Aid Trained!

Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Did you know that Mary is trained in CPR & First Aid for pets? It's true! I recently completed a class covering health care and wellness information, CPR techniques for small to large cats & dogs, and first aid skills to care for broken or wounded limbs. I am proud and excited to bring these skills to all Mary's Pet Squad clients (and to the rest of the community, if ever necessary!).