Hot Weather Is Here And Your Pup Needs A Little Extra TLC!

Golden Retriever

It has been a very busy week at Mary's Pet Squad and I am so thankful! Besides being on the go with my busiest dog walking schedule yet, I have met some amazingly kind clients and their adorable pets! And the cherry on top of this week has been the wonderful weather. I personally love the hot heat, but it can be a bit intense for dogs on walks. I have been making sure to stick to the shady or grassy part of my clients' neighborhoods, as well as walking at a leisurely pace. This way, the dog doesn't overheat or step onto the piping hot ground. I'm also reducing walk length if I see the dog slowing down and panting heavily. Sometimes a short walk followed by an indoor play session is exactly what your dog needs (check me out above snuggling Bella after our walk today)! I always tailor your dog's walk to exactly what they need- If you watch them closely, they will tell you :). Finally, I always make sure their water bowl is full of cool water before I leave. Dogs get extra thirsty on hot days- just like us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to get back at it next week! I get to have a visit from my Sam Pig and Duke this weekend :).