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Space Etiquette For Dogs


Spring is here and that means there are tons of people and pups outside enjoying these sunny days in Bethesda! I would like to use this graphic as an opportunity and reminder to please be respectful of your neighbors and please keep all dogs leashed in public areas. It can be dangerous for a strange dog to run up to a leashed dog- what would you do if a strange person ran up to you? Dogs can have a multitude of reactions in any given situation, so it is better to be safe and ask in advance if your dog can mingle before you get too close. Let's look forward to enjoying the outdoors in a peaceful way for all dogs and people :). 

Pet Tech® CPR & First Aid Trained!

Pet CPR & First Aid Trained

Did you know that Mary is trained in CPR & First Aid for pets? It's true! I recently completed a class covering health care and wellness information, CPR techniques for small to large cats & dogs, and first aid skills to care for broken or wounded limbs. I am proud and excited to bring these skills to all Mary's Pet Squad clients (and to the rest of the community, if ever necessary!).